Local Development Plan Update – Statement from the Community Council Chair

Following consultation on the Draft Strategy in the spring, and consideration of the comments received, Swansea City Council has now published its PREFERRED STRATEGY AND CANDIDATE SITE UPDATE report. This report can be accessed via this link 


The importance of this document, for Three Crosses is as follows:

1. The Strategic Housing Policy Zones element confirms that for the Gower Fringe area, which includes Penclawdd, Llanmorlais, Crofty, Three Crosses, Upper Killay, Bishopston and Pennard, 300 new dwelling will be required by 2025.


2. The following Candidate sites in Three Crosses, FA001, FA002, FA004,FA005, FA006, FA007, FA009, FA012, FA013, FA016 and FA020 have been removed from potential development.

Consequently, the threat of massive development in Three Crosses has been removed.

Link to Map

link to List of Excluded Sites


3. The Candidate sites, still under consideration are FA010, land behind Dunvant Road, where the water tower is, and FA011 and FA014 (effectively one site), which is the land between Misty Hills and Tirmynydd Road, down to, but not including the Cefn Draw farm site (FA007), and FA019, a parcel of land at the entrance to the Gower Golf Club.

The two major plots of land, (FA010 and FA011) and FA014, which have not been excluded, have the capacity for the building of more than 150 houses in the village, which would have a significant impact on the character of the village.

However, I believe it is likely that development on this scale will be precluded.


These remaining sites will now be subjected to more detailed examination, before the LDP Draft Deposit Plan is produced, probably early in 2015.

Following the production of the Draft Plan, there will be a further period of public consultation, which will enable residents to make their views and comments known, prior to the LDP Deposit Plan being endorsed by City Councillors, and submitted to a Welsh Government appointed Inspector for final approval.

Paxton Hood-Williams