Neighbourhood Policing

For non urgent matters call 101 or visit the local police website for contact details of PCSOs or Community Police Officers.


Neighbourhood Watch

A Panel has been established to develop a fully operational Neighbourhood Watch system in the village.

Essentially NW is set up for the following reasons:


a) to minimise or prevent criminal activity in the area it covers;

b) to encourage residents to take sensible precautions to protect their property;

c) to deter criminals from coming into the area;

d) to obtain warnings of criminal activity, in the wider Swansea area, and pass on this information, as appropriate, to residents so that     they can take the necessary actions to avoid being affected;

e) to provide the police with intelligence of potential local criminal activity;

f) to further develop community spirit in the village.


We now have 15 residents, who will act as NW Co-ordinators Their role will be to receive Ringmaster warnings and, if appropriate, pass them on to residents in the area they cover.


Ringmaster is a system, operated by the police, which allows them to automatically send out information to NW Co-ordinators, across Swansea, simultaneously.


We need another 5 to 10 people to act as Co-ordinators, to ensure that we can cover the whole of the village.

If you are prepared to do this, please contact Paxton Hood-Williams on 872038 or 07939467566 or email .


In the next few weeks, the Co-ordinator covering your area, will be in touch by a leaflet drop or personal contact. If you want to receive the Ringmaster information, you will need to reply appropriately, and indicate your preferred contact method, such as email or phone.

We will be erecting NW signs on all entry points to the village, and at appropriate times will issue suggestions for protecting your property. As an example, this is the time when we work in our gardens, so, if you are working in the front of the house, when you stop for a cup of tea, etc., then ensure your tools are safe during that time.


We are pleased to have got NW back up and running in the village, and we hope that you will benefit as a result.

Whilst our crime figures are relatively low, there is no room for complacency, and we can all work to maintain and hopefully enhance the figures.