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16 Dec

Community Council Policies, Procedures and Regulations

Policies, Procedures and Regulations of the Three Crosses Community Council UPDATED Dec 16th 2014   CURRENT DOCUMENTS 141028____Complaints_Procedure_Rev_2 130629__Freedom_of_Information_Policy 141028__Financial_Risk_Assessment_Rev_2 140717_Financial_Regulations_2014 141028_Equality_and_Diversity_Policy_Rev_2_ 140220_Standing_Orders_ 140304_Members_Code_of_Conduct 140305_Constitution 130702__Health_and_Safety_Policy     HISTORICAL DOCUMENTS - FOR REFERENCE ONLY Approved at the July 18th meeting 2013 130702_Equality_and_Diversity_Policy__Revision_1_ 130611__RISK_ASSESMENT_SCHEDULE_2012-13 130627_Financial_Regulations     2012 ...
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